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One of the best things about this site is the Transition Q & A series. The stories are so inspiring: they show us that PhDs go on to do many wonderful, fulfilling things. Click the links to read the full posts.

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Transition Q & As

Niem Huynh, geography PhD / manager of graduate student recruitment

Alisa Harrison, history PhD / executive director of the Victoria Division of Family Practice

James McKee, political theory MA / director of research for the executive council of the Government of Alberta

Lisa Bélanger, behavioural medicine PhD / researcher, innovator, and CEO, ConsciousWorks

Stacy Lockerbie, anthropology PhD / research associate in family medicine

Hillary Hutchinson, anthropology MA / higher education administration MEd (and ABD) / academic coach, Transitioning Your Life

Lino Coria, electrical engineering PhD / computer vision engineer, Wiivv Wearables, and partner, Scribble Consulting

Jennifer Askey, German language and literature PhD / project coordinator, YWCA, and academic career coach, Energized Academic

Maura Elizabeth Cunningham, history PhD / social media manager, Association for Asian Studies

Anne Trubek, English PhD / self-employed writer, educator, and independent publisher

Katie Vahey-Gaebler, higher education & student affairs leadership PhD / academic adviser, University of Colorado Boulder & independent consultant

Adam Sanford, sociology PhD / academic coach, writer, instructor

Rebecca Dirnfeld, history ABD / career consultant, Ryerson University

Susan Marie Martin, applied social studies PhD / international educator and independent academic

Lindy Ledohowski, English PhD and former TT professor/ co-founder and software CEO at EssayJack

Adam Bishop, Medieval studies PhD/ translator, editor, proofreader and researcher

Paige Morgan, English PhD / digital humanities librarian, University of Miami

Nathaniel Bean, DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) / education librarian and program assistant, Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Wu Family Academy of Learning & Engagement

Jennifer De Mello, chemistry PhD / senior business analyst, Manheim Wholesale Auto Auctions

Alison Norman, history PhD / research advisor, Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs

Kenna Barrett, English PhD / director of development, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University

Paul Hartley, ethnomusicology ABD / senior resident anthropologist & head of human futures, Idea Couture

Christine Buske, systems and cell biology PhD / head of outreach, Papers App

Pablo Dominguez Andersen, history PhD / content manager, interactive tools

Sara Langworthy, developmental psychology PhD / educator, University of Minnesota Extension’s Children, Youth and Family Consortium, and organizational consultant, The Exchange Loop

John Robertson, medical biophysics PhD / research communications office, Techna Institute

Tom Westerman, history PhD / high school teacher, Porter-Gaud School

Raj Dhiman, bio-organic chemistry PhD / sales training manager, Vicinity (Rogers Communication)

Viviane Callier, biology PhD / science writer, National Cancer Institute

Nicholas Dion, religious studies PhD / senior coordination, research and programs, HEQCO

Daveena Tauber, English PhD / higher ed writing and diversity consultant, ScholarStudio

Kara Santokie, political science PhD / nonprofit director

Michael Ryan Hunsaker, neuroscience PhD / special education teacher

Melissa Dalgleish, English ABD / research officer, York University

Kelly J. Baker, religion PhD / freelance writer | Read Kelly’s update conversation with Joe Fruscione

Andrew Miller, history PhD / manager, Ontario Ministry of Transportation | Read Andrew’s update

Bruce Harpham, history MA / senior financial analyst, Bank of Montreal

Christine Slocum, sociology MA / homeless management information system and continuum of care assistant at Homeless Alliance of Western New York

Carolyn Harris, history PhD / adult education instructor, cruise ship lecturer, freelance writer, media commentator | Read Carolyn’s update

Patrick Vitalone, history MA / marketing & sales for a tech startup

Daniel Mullin, philosophy PhD / account manager

Emily Simmons, English PhD / education specialist at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School

Daniel Munro, political science PhD / principal research associate at the Conference Board of Canada | Read Daniel’s update from June 2017.

Maureen McCarthy, English PhD / assistant director (advancement and best practices) at the Council of Graduate Schools

Sarah-Louise Quinnell, geography PhD / learning and development manager for Mactrac

Maren Wood, history PhD / business owner and consultant, Lilli Research Group

Joseph Fruscione, English PhD / freelance editor, writer, and teacher | Read Joseph’s update and his later update conversation with Kelly J. Baker

Peter Larson, biological sciences PhD / blogger and running coach

Sonja Streuber, English MA (and ABD) / adjunct professor, and metrics and risk manager at NiSource

Jared Wesley, political science PhD / director of federal-provincial relations for the government of Alberta, and adjunct professor

Maria Irchenhauser, German literature PhD / manager of the German division of DWPub

Dawn Nickel, history PhD / consultant and business owner

Jo VanEvery, sociology PhD / academic coach

Kyla Reid, philosophy PhD / research facilitator in the Faculty of Public Affairs, Carleton University | Read Kyla’s update

Rachel Mueller-Lust, psychology PhD / coach and celebrant | Read Rachel’s update

Will Deyamport, III, educational leadership EdD / instructional technologist, Hattiesburg Public Schools

Veronica Rubio Vega, political economy PhD candidate (ABD) / research analyst at RBC | Read Vero’s update

Kris Gies, history PhD / publisher’s representative at the University of Toronto Press

Brenda Bethman, modern German studies PhD / university administrator, affiliate faculty member, and entrepreneur

Peter Konieczny, history MA / librarian and editor,

Mélanie Brunet, history PhD / librarian, International Development Research Centre | Read Mélanie’s update

Sam Ladner, sociology PhD / senior researcher at Microsoft

Pamela MacIsaac, history PhD / vice-principal and teacher, Voice Intermediate School

Sarah Kendzior, anthropology PhD / columnist, consultant, public speaker, and writer

Chris Humphrey, medieval studies PhD / project manager, Triodos Bank

Kimberley Yates, English PhD / associate director, Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto | Read Kim’s update

Heather Steel, history MA (and ABD) / non-profit researcher | Read Heather’s update

Brad King, history PhD / vice president, Lord Cultural Resources

Jamie Pratt, philosophy PhD / research officer, York University

Alexandra Guerson, history PhD / part-time faculty, International Foundation Program, University of Toronto

Jessica Langer, English PhD / principal, ideas in flight

Natalie Zina Walschots, English MA / freelance editor, poet, and writer

Elsewhere on the Web

Lauren, “grad school quitta” / undergraduate academic advisor

Ann Daly, former tenured professor and life coach

Liz Koblyk, English PhD / assistant director of the Centre for Career Action at University of Waterloo

Ailsa Kay, English PhD / college instructor and writer

Erin Aspenlieder (on YouTube), English PhD / educational consultant at Simon Fraser University

Kathryn Allan, English PhD / editor and dissertation coach

Alycia Mosley Austin, neuroscience PhD / university administrator

Other First-Person Transition Tales

Michael Corey, sociology ABD and quantitative researcher, “A Sociologist Working at Facebook

John Laprise, media, technology, and society PhD /professor and consultant, “An Expat Scholar’s View from the Gulf

Ysette Guevara, Spanish & Portuguese Literatures PhD / business owner, “Why and How” and “Why and How, pt. 2

Kathryn Allan, English PhD / independent scholar and business owner, “On Embracing Ambition

Marga Gual Soler, molecular cell biology PhD / “science diplomat,” “From the Lab Bench to the U.N.

“Nick Walsh,” anthropology PhD / anthropologist at design firm, “Leaving at the Finish Line

Daniel Fincke, “On the End of My Adjunct Teaching Career” and “Reflections of a Post-Academic Philosopreneur

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