Welcome to From PhD to Life!

I’m Jen. I help graduate students and PhDs achieve their career and life goals, especially when it comes to launching meaningful-to-them careers.

Since 2013 I’ve worked with over 100 clients. I love helping them through their struggles to figure out what works and put it into action, whether it comes during dissertating or when contemplating and seeking non-academic employment. Hear from some of my clients on my Testimonials page.

What do you want?

A finished dissertation
Career clarity
Your next job
Personal and professional wellbeing

How do you achieve it?

Take meaningful action
Make good-for-you choices
Challenge your assumptions and learn new perspectives
Shush inner criticism
Embrace your own values
Build on character strengths
Develop better self-management skills and habits
Join and engage with like-minded PhDs

Jen can help. Here’s how:

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Connect, engage, and learn

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