Transition Q & A: Kenna Barrett

At a talk I once gave a woman in the audience was feeling awkward that she’d have a better shot at going backward in her career than forward. She meant that she could go back to the job she had before doing her doctorate, but wasn’t thrilled about doing that. I totally get that. Here’s another take on a similar situation, one that offers a much more positive perspective. Fascinating! Kenna’s keen to get other PhDs involved in fundraising and development, so do be in touch with her if you’d like to learn more.

From Kenna’s Q&A:

What kind of tasks do you do on a daily and weekly basis?

In my role, I get to meet with faculty, connect with donors, manage a team of five, and look for ways that SAIS can raise more funds to support financial aid, research, and other core needs. I strategize about presenting the School’s needs to the public and how best to structure and steward gifts. I’m working on a couple of special projects, as well. Fundraisers are generalists—they get to delve into all varieties of research projects. Travel is another perk of development. SAIS has international offices in Bologna, Italy as well as Nanjing, China.

Very cool! Read the full post over at University Affairs.

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