Career Coaching

There are one or two dominant narratives of success after a PhD for people in most disciplines. For humanists and social scientists, success is a tenure-track job, preferably at a research-intensive institution; for STEM grads, working as a PI or at least continuing to do science is paramount. These narratives offer an an extraordinarily limited view of what PhD-educated people can and should do in their working lives. The truth is that PhDs do—and have always done—a vast array of fascinating, creative, intellectually stimulating jobs, and many of them do so while living rich, full, balanced lives.

If you’re struggling to figure out what do to after grad school, consider career transition coaching with me.

Working with me can help you:

  • Explore and identify your values
  • Identity your character strengths, and help you use them
  • See your situation from a new, useful perspective
  • Come up with strategies for shushing your inner critics
  • Get motivated to move forward
  • Determine next steps you’ll actually take
  • Be accountable to an external, supportive person (me!)
  • Make ongoing progress toward your goals
  • And more!

I’ve helped graduate degree holders, ABDS, PhDs, and even tenured professors move past what’s keeping them stuck in their careers, take charge of the process, and move forward in ways that align with their own needs, priorities, values, strengths, and lifestyle desires.

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