Individual Coaching & Mentoring

Want to make progress on a big goal or effect significant change in your life? Coaching & mentoring might be the right service for you! Read more about what I do and how my process works.

What is Coaching?

Coaching facilitates actionable self-awareness: it helps clients clarify, prioritize, and focus their energies so they take the right steps toward their goals. That’s a basic, starting definition. Coaching is also a process and a relationship, and clients remain in charge of the agenda and work together with the coach to move forward in life, whatever that means for a particular client.

That’s why I start my no charge initial consultations asking three questions: What’s going on now (why are you calling)? What’s the future look like for you (what’s your vision)? And what’s in the way (what’s keeping you from getting there)?

These questions aren’t answered quickly or glibly. I may also ask potential clients about their top values, the tasks that most energize them, what they would find themselves doing if money, time, etc. weren’t in the way. I don’t make assumptions or judgments, and I don’t rush us. The answers to these questions then provide the framework for our work together, rooting the coaching process in the client’s own values, strengths, and lifestyle desires. And then we take it step by step, the client deciding what s/he wishes to accomplish in each session to get past obstacles and finish the course.

What about Mentoring?

As much as possible, I use a pure coaching approach. That means that I trust my clients to know what’s right for them. I ask questions to help them draw on their own experience and knowledge so that we can figure out actionable next steps that will work best for them — not someone else. But there are times when my own knowledge comes in handy. So sometimes I may be more directive with a client, to help them along when they’re stuck. In my experience, most clients don’t need me to do this, most of the time! But occasionally mentoring (read: giving advice and sharing knowledge) is the right approach.

What I Don’t Do

If you’re just looking for someone to look at your resume or provide you with specific answers to questions about particular industries, I’m not the right person for you to work with. There are other professionals who offer short-term services such as these; I’m happy to make recommendations if I can. Completing a dissertation is a long process; the same is true of exploring career options and getting a good-for-you job. I work with new clients for a minimum of one month.

What to Expect

After the no-charge initial consultation, I start new clients with 4 weekly sessions over the course of a month. We dive right into what’s getting in the way and get the client taking action that moves him or her forward.

After the first month, many clients continue to work with me. They’ve learned important things, made important changes, and are achieving some of their goals, but there’s more work to do. They know continuing our weekly sessions will be valuable to them.

Sometimes a month is enough to launch the client on a process they can continue on their own, or gets them through a short-term project. Great! These clients may come back later, when they’ve got another challenge to get through.

Other clients take a break after the first month, perhaps to see how they do on their own with the momentum they built during our month together. When they work with me again, they may choose to work with me on a monthly basis or opt can opt for occasional sessions, one at a time, as they need them.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about my services, read about Dissertation Coaching and Career Coaching. I also offer general life coaching services. Schedule an initial consultation to learn more and talk about the best course of action for you.

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