#withaPhD started as a biweekly Twitter chat and hashtag for graduate students, academics, and anyone else who has or may wish to have PhD experience.

Update, 1 Feb 2017: Lisa Munro and Kristi Lodge are taking over the Twitter chat! Read more about it on Lisa’s blog.

The hashtag was inspired by a Twitter conversation between @FromPhDtoLife (that’s me) and @ChrisHumphrey, who runs the website Jobs on Toast. Chris and I were tweeting about how newly minted PhDs tend to refer to themselves as PhDs rather than as people who have doctorates. In other words, they conflate being with having (or doing) a PhD. This conflation doesn’t serve them, especially when it comes to understanding and connecting with potential employers beyond the professoriate.

The first formal #withaPhD Twitter chat happened 20 November 2013. That first formal chat came out of a Twitter conversation between myself and @GradLifeIL, the account for the Graduate College Career Development Office at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The final #withaPhD chat was on 12 December 2016.

Check out all the archived chats here and here. It’s been fun!