Versatile PhD Toronto

I co-host the “Versatile PhD” Toronto meetup, an occasional informal pub night open to all. We take our name from the website Versatile PhD, a forum and resources site for people just like us. There are several such gatherings through North America, especially in the US. Have a look at the site for more information, or you can investigate starting your own!

We’re a friendly, welcoming bunch of graduate students, recent PhDs, sessional instructors, postdocs, and others. We especially like commiserating with each other, coming up with entrepreneurial schemes, putting each other in contact with people from our own networks, and supporting each other on our respective journeys within and especially beyond the academy. Oh, and beer and poutine. Those we like too.

We have a lively Facebook group — Versatile PhD – Toronto — for discussion, Q&A, and resource and information sharing between meetups. Join our mailing list for email updates prior to each event. Our Twitter hashtag is #VPhDTO. We’ve got a LinkedIn group, too, though that’s not nearly as active as our FB group.

All this is free and open to all! The group was started in November 2013 with Jenn Neilson, who’s now living in British Columbia. Jarret Ruminski joined as co-host in June 2015.